Regex for Log Code

Taken from this excellent paper by Scott Davis.

datetime formats

My favourites:


Generate Resolved SAS code

Got a complex macro?  Don’t have time to work out what it is actually doing?  Its much easier to work with resolved code!  The macro below will help - just stick it at the start of your code, and write the resolved code somewhere else (which can t...


Submitting OS commands from SAS

When dealing with a Pooled Workspace Server, a generic ‘host account’ is normally used.  So you tend not to have individual host accounts to log in with.  Therefore, sometimes the only way to navigate the server is to use EG!  Hence this piece of ...

Quick code for getting macro names from windows library

filename loop pipe

SAS Tip#2 - How to switch on Workspace Logging

  1. Navigate to : D:SASConfigLev1SASAppWorkspaceServer
    2. Rename logconfig.xml to logconfig.xml.orig
    3. Rename Logconfix.trace.xml to logconfig.xml
     4. Restart the object spawner (see below)

    SAS Tip#1 - Lost Libname

    data "C:\MyDataset";