SAS SCL Lists (slists) - an Overview

What is SCL?

Mention AF or SCL to someone who has been in the SAS game for more than a decade or so, and you can be sure there will be a story to tell.  The technology, b...

Find MIN / MAX of character variables in sql

It is perfectly valid to use min() as a summary function on character values in

The Performance of Dosubl vs Call Execute

Both dosubl and call execute accept raw SAS code as input.  The difference between them is that call execute will take your code and add it to the stack (so, after your data step completes) whilst dosub...

About the SAS London Users Group (SLUG)

The SAS London Users Group (SLUG) is a London-based user led community dedicated to realising the value of SAS software.  Sounds great.  But what does this actually mean?

London Based

Whilst our meetups take place in London, users are...

Split Character Data With Private Use Delimiters

I recently had a challenge - how to delimit an array of character data, when the delimiter itself may be in the data?  Furthermore, when that array has to fit in a SAS macro variable?

I was aware of nonprintables (hidden gremlins that can s...

Think you know SAS? Take the Sasensei Challenge

Think you know SAS?  Take the Sasensei challenge!  We’ve developed a question based learning system that will put your SAS knowledge to the test.  Sasensei is a kick ass ninja training tool for an expanding range...

Launching SMC on Mac OS over SSH with X11

As an avid developer of SAS Stored Process Web Applications, the Macbook Pro is my development machine of choice.  Since building a macro to programmatically c...

proc fcmp - file log put % bug

Having worked a lot with proc fcmp lately, I think it’s fair to say that the procedure should be ‘handled with care’.

Here’s an example of one of these weird / wonderful bugs (LIN X64, 9.04.01M3P062415):

Create / Compile / Run SCL in Enterprise Guide

The conundrum - I needed to run SCL on a windows machine without Base SAS (only EG) connecting to a Linux backend.

The obstacle - it is not possible to programmatically create an SCL catalog entry in batch mode.

The ...


The following came up when trying to launch sas on a recent Centos 7.3 install:

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