Log Location


Version 0.11 of SASjs Server now has a configurable LOGS location!

Logs rotate daily, and are named according to the start time - so every time you restart the server, a new log file is generated.

Log content is configurable according to the LOG_FORMAT_MORGAN setting - here showing the source IP address, timestamp, endpoint queried, and the response code:

log location

Docs: https://server.sasjs.io/settings/#log_location

SASjs Server itself provides MIT open-source middleware for SAS, which can be useful as a (very) low cost option for:

  • Migrating legacy SAS/Intrnet or AF/SCL
  • SAS App Development
  • 3rd Party Integrations

If you’re in the market for a vendor to deliver on the above, contact the SAS Apps team: https://sasapps.io