Running EG or other client tools as SASSRV

Occasionally when debugging it can be useful to run as a system account for checking permissions etc.

A useful utility for this (in windows) is the “runas” command.  For instance (from the command window):

runas /user:“YourDomainsassrv” “C:Program FilesSASEnterpriseGuide4.3SEGuide.exe”


runas /user:”YourDomainsassrv” “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server120ToolsBinnManagementStudioSsms.exe”

You will be prompted for the password before the client tool opens on your machine.

This post was inspired by the fact that one should not log into the application server as sassrv, to avoid conflicting / hung sessions in the STP server, but I can’t find the SAS note to back this up!  However those hung sessions were confirmed real..  Don’t log into sasapp as sassrv.