SASjs Core

SASjs Core - Macros for SAS Application Developers

How often have you needed a macro and thought “surely someone has done this before”?

There’s no need to re-invent the wheel! The SASjs Core library is a collection of 228 (and counting) fully documented macros, split between:

  • BASE (macro functions & procedures)
  • DDL (for table creation
  • FCMP (functions)
  • LUA (functions)
  • META (macros for metadata)
  • METAX (metadata macros with XCMD)
  • SERVER (macros for SASjs Server)
  • VIYA (macros for SPRE)
  • XPLATFORM (for all flavours of SAS)

The relevant components can be added to your SASAUTOS as follows:

%let repoloc=/your/path/core;
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/base");
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/ddl");
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/fcmp");
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/lua");
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/meta");
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/metax");
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/server");
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/viya");
options insert=(sasautos="&repoloc/xplatform");

Alternatively, if you have internet access from SAS, you can quickly include the entire set in 2 lines of code:

filename mc url "";
%inc mc;

If you’re a JS developer you can also run the below to pull the macros into your repo and lock to a particular GIT version:

npm install @sasjs/core

More links:

SASjs Core currently has 82 stars, which puts the project at #10 in the top 10 of SAS-tagged repos.

All macros are MIT open source, and free for commercial use.