Data Controller v5

Version 5 of Data Controller for SAS® is now available!

With some serious updates since v4.0:

🚀 Viya 4 support 🚀 Base SAS support - on SASjs Server 🚀 COLUMN LEVEL SECURITY

This means that Data Controller will now run on ANY flavour of SAS, and you can restrict data entry at both row AND column level.

Additional new features include:

  • One click Data Catalog and Table Lineage refresh on install
  • Support for Swedish (and other) Locales
  • Deploy Demo DC without Admin Rights
  • Configurable Audit History Location
  • Password Protected Excel Import
  • Submit reason in HISTORY
  • Shaded PK in VIEW

The following video illustrates the Column Level Security:

Full release details can be found in this blog post.

Documentation for the Column Level Security feature is here.