Importing flow: ERROR - An error occurred trying to connect the responsible parties for the imported objects.

If you are getting the following message when importing a package containing a FLOW:

SAS As A Service - an easy way to get SAS into Excel, Power BI

When we think about using SAS with Excel, one begins to groan at the myriad of options - DDE, SAS Addin, various Excel-ish library engines, IOM in VBA, etc etc etc.

What if there were a simple technique, quick to set up, and easy to adjust?...

Finding MIN (or even MAX) of character variables in SQL

It is perfectly valid to use min() as a summary function on character values in

The native implementation module for the security package could not be found in the path.

Noticed today that our UAT 9.3 environment was failing to execute the SAS ExportPackage

Reading UTF-8 in Filename Pipe

Having been blessed with an en-dash (alt + 2013) in our TFS project root, I’ve been having lots of fun getting SAS to ‘play nicely’ with non-ascii characters when running OS commands (eg tf.exe).

Storing the values in macro variables wo...

Invoking Stored Processes with Powershell - the easy way

There are a number of ways to run SAS from Powershell:

  1. Using SAS Integration Technologies (Chris Hemedinger has some great resources on this)

Chaining Windows Commands in SAS Filename Pipe (&)

Using filename pipe (instead of the X command, or

Visual Studio Build Controller does not contain an enabled build agent with name * and no tags.

Currently working on putting our SAS deployment process into TFS and Release Management - part of which involves creating a ‘build’ in Visual Studio.

The below caused a build failure, and didn’t come up in google:

Converting SAS date to Javascript datetime (in Javascript)

Converting a SAS date or datetime to javascript isn’t hard, but still - it should be easy to google for!

  var dtSAS=20563;

Error trying to establish connection: Unable to Initialize: Invalid authorization specification

Thought I’d write this one up as the exact error message didn’t appear on google.  Of course, the sharp eyed among you will quickly spot the missing security / authorisation info..

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