Running EG or other client tools as SASSRV

Occasionally when debugging it can be useful to run as a system account for checking permissions etc.

A useful utility for this (in windows) is the “runas” command.  For instance (from the command window):

DIRECT_EXE warning

This one had me puzzled for a bit (SAS 9.2, Windows 2008, SQLNCLI10.1, OLEDB):

WARNING: The current setting of the...

Event Logging of Stored Process Server Sessions

Having seemingly brought down our 9.2 Windows 2008 STP server (only in DEV!!) during development of a yet another (awesome) STP web app, it occurred to me that more information was needed about just how many requests were being batted over.

Get Physical Path From Metadata Libref

So it turns out that it is not possible to place a SAS lock on a table referenced via the Metadata Libname Engine:

WARNING: LOCK is not supported in MLE.

To c...

Use OR condition in metadata OMSOBJ query

Make your metadata queries more versatile by checking for multiple conditions in a single pass!  When using the OR condition, remember to prefix subequent attributes with the @ symbol.  See below for testing whether a Stored Process user is in a c...

Platform Computing - LSF documentation

In building a script to read in the LSF log files ( files), it was apparent that the file structure has changed across LSF versions.  What is not so apparent is where the documentation resides..  So here’s  a quick ref guide.


VBA and SAS IOM - applying formats

Sample code (and tips) for applying SAS Formats to data before pulling into excel:

Dim obConnection As 

Improve performance of DI Studio client

You can speed up the performance of your DI Studio client by increasing memory via the JavaArgs_1 variable in the distudio.ini file.  A suggested approach is to increase from -Xmx512m to -Xmx1024m.

Debugging Stored Processes

Debugging Stored Processes

One challenge that developers have when working with stored processes, is access to the work library.  Whilst sessions can be configured to persist, this does not help if you want to view a snapshot of you...

Configuring Base SAS to show column NAMES by default (instead of labels)

Who cares about labels anyway?!!

Ok, first select explorer in base sas, then tools / options / explorer: